It is designed for drilling directional and horizontal wells and measuring the inclination angle, four-sector gamma-ray logging data, and motor shaft speed.

The measured parameters are transmitted to the MWD system and recorded in the memory.

Presentation of application experience.



Specific features and advantages

 - Measures immediately near the bit
 - Allows for instant adjustment of the well path
 - Improves horizontal well targeting quality in thin formations



Thread to bit

Bit diameter, mm


Outer diameter, mm

DRZ-106.TS З-88 142,9-151,0 7/8 124
DRZ-120.TS З-88 142,9-165,1 7/8 130
DZR-172.TS З-117 214,3-244,5 7/8 189


Measuring range of inclination angle, degrees  0-180
Permissible limits of intrinsic absolute error when measuring inclination angle, max

Measuring range of natural gamma radiation exposure rate, mcR/h 2-100
Permissible limits of intrinsic relative error when measuring natural gamma radiation exposure rate, max
± 15%

It operates together with MWD systems of ZTK-42EM, ZTK-42KK and APS Technology type. It can be connected to any other MWD system at request.