It is designed for measuring process and geophysical parameters immediately near the bit in the process of drilling with mud motors and for transmitting information via a wireless electromagnetic communication link to a basic MWD system of ZTS-42EM-M, ZTS-42KK or APS Technology type.

Presentation of application experience (NBM+Motors Presentation.ppsx).



Specific features and advantages
• Measures immediately near the bit
•Allows for instant adjustment of the well drilling mode
• Improves well targeting quality
• Improves process measurement accuracy

Technical Features

Parameters Values
Measuring range:
- inclination angle, degrees
- bit speed, rpm
- оWOB, kN:
outer diameter of the module 102 mm
outer diameter of the module 150 mm
- downhole pressure, MPa
- natural gamma radiation exposure rate, mcR/h


1...100 ± 15%
Maximum operating temperature, °С 120
Maximum hydrostatical pressure, MPa 40
Type of tool-joint threads З-76, З-88,  З-117
Diameter, mm 102, 120, 150
Weight, kg 20

It operates together with MWD systems of ZTK-42EM, ZTK-42KK and APS Technology type. It can be connected to any other MWD system at request.

The combination of measured parameters is defined by the customer.